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Starting out as a small cleaning company established in 1999, Erin Patterson and Brigid Vaughan, had created a fresh new idea. As a minority, these two women entrepreneurs wanted to provide the fastest most luxurious quality cleaning to residents and commercial properties in Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland Ohio. Now with your help and others, bian'e Cleaning Services has redefined Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services and proves to be the most preferred in all Ohio. Well on its way to a success, we thank the patronage of our clients and referrals that have made bian'e Cleaning Services what it is today!


Our Goals
  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • To make each client feel like the only client.
  • To  promote an inclusive workplace and help the community.

Licensed by the state of Ohio.
Insured with State Farm Insurance company.
State of Ohio Workers' Compensation on file.

bian'e Cleaning Services Grandview, Ohio Phone: 614.332.6159 Fax: 614.481.8036